We offer several possibilities for rooms to rent between Eindhoven, Best, Boxtel, Tilburg and Den Bosch. All these city's are in short distance from our accommodation (max. 20 minutes drive).


Within our company we are in a period of transforming from a good hotel-pension towards long term stays bases on room rental for longer periods. In the mean time everything is possible.

Next to our location in Oirschot we can also advice other locations for room rental, while every location may have different standards between the acceptance of workers, expats or private use. 

So, because our ideal location, our accommodation is perfect for working clients who need housing in Eindhoven, Housing in Veldhoven or Housing in Best.

Room rental for expats...

All our hotel rooms have their own bathroom with shower, sink and toilet.

Guests can also make use of our launderette; an opportunity for washing and drying clothes and linen. 

For cooking and breakfast we have a few full equiped kitchens available, where you can also store your goods (including fridge and freezer).

All facilities are in perfect condition !

In addition to our own accommodation
we also have contact with other companies
in the region and we can inform you well about temporary accommodation and room rental
in this region.
More info : +31-499-338228
Marco Witlox / Maaike attevelt
Group facilities ...

We offer various options for housing a group of employees, labor migrants or expats.

* We have rooms to rent for a maximum of 12 people in our annex building, spread over 5 rooms. The building is located at the front of our main building and has it's own entrance. On the ground floor there is a kitchen for shared use.

* We can accommodate 17 people in our main building on the basic floor, spread over 7 rooms. The rooms are located at the rear of the building and there is a separate rear entrance. Here is also an additional room furnished as a kitchen for shared use.

* Further we have 11 rooms on the first floor of our main building which we can use for several purposes.


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